The perfect solution for managing cashflow

Fee Financing for Professional Services Firms

Step 1

You apply and register with us

Step 2

Once accepted you offer the facility to your clients

Step 3

We pay you upfront and arrange staged payment with them

Who Is It For?

Professional Fee Finance enables accountants, solicitors, architects and others professional services companies to manage cashflow and liquidity without the need for a bank overdraft facility.

You bill a client for work completed, we pay your invoice in full and arrange a repayment schedule with your client directly.

We charge your client interest and a modest fee for the facility. You keep 100% of your invoice value.

Benefits for you
  • Improve your cashflow (100% of invoice is paid)
  • Make your forecasts more reliable
  • Offer your clients more flexibility
  • Reduce your admin costs and time spent chasing invoices.
Benefits for your clients
  • Spread the cost of professional services
  • Reduced administration with paperless service
  • Flexible options for all budgets

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